We are seeing a trend in downtown Brunswick, GA that we haven’t seen in many years…  Properties are selling, several in fact, and all within the past 120 days.

Downtown Brunswick Sales Data






Although the prices are not high, they appropriately reflect the condition the properties were in.  As with most real estate re-development, the cheap stuff goes first, it gets renovated, and then we see a general increase in property values.  This improvement of properties usually extends beyond the purchased properties to other adjacent buildings as those building owners feel the need to “keep up with the Joneses”.

In addition to these sales, several leases have been signed within the past 10 months in downtown Brunswick as well.

All of this activity bodes well for downtown.  With an influx of new businesses and existing businesses expanding, we hope and expect to see more of the same.  The properties that sold are being brought back to life and many that were once vacant will have new occupants.  Case in point, the buyers of 1600 Newcastle are investing heavily, adding a new roof, new HVAC, eight new windows, all new interior finish including ADA compliant restrooms, and more.

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See below for Harlan Hambright’s new “Brunswick Stewdio” and examples of Oyster Design Co’s products and workspace.

Brunswick Stewdio


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